About SCOTUS Predictions

Dear Readers,

Thanks for stopping by! This blog is dedicated to enriching the public’s knowledge of future opinions of the United States Supreme Court. As an aspiring law student and having fallen in love with studying American Constitutional Law, I wanted to test my hand at deciding cases on the Supreme Court’s docket before the Court does.

The process by which I do this is simple: every week, the Supreme Court holds conferences and releases “Orders.” In doing so, they grant certiorari (or “review”) for a select number of cases on their docket for next year’s term. Thus, the public can see in advance which cases the Supreme Court will decide for the coming year, as well as the important information and legal questions each case presents.

SCOTUSBlog (the leading news source for the Supreme Court) makes available each case’s information and relevant documents. I painstakingly sift through each of the cases that are granted certiorari for the Court’s next term, ultimately choosing one case I will decide. Using SCOTUSBlog’s vast array of materials available for each case (i.e., the Petitioner’s and Respondent’s Briefs, Amici/Amicus Curiae Briefs, the opinion delivered below, etc.), as well as my ever-expanding knowledge of Constitutional Law, I carefully review the facts of the case, the questions presented, and write an opinion deciding the case.

I hope you enjoy perusing this blog’s pages of information. For each opinion, I will announce which case I choose, periodically release reviews of the case’s important documents, and ultimately publish my opinion on this blog. I hope this will be as enriching for you as it assuredly will be for me. Additionally, I will periodically release updates from the Court’s proceedings, like weekly briefings, and will write reviews of some of the Court’s “blockbuster” cases.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out via the “Contact” page at the top.


Graham L. Vogtman, Editor of SCOTUS Predictions